She\’s Back


So I guess it\’s been a while. Because the reasons are neither dramatic nor interesting, let\’s put that aside for a bit and focus instead on my new gadget.

It\’s not a typewriter. It\’s not even cutting edge, since I\’m certainly the last reader on the planet to finally get a Kindle. The fascination is simply this:

My daughter understands her mama\’s odd techno-dichotomy enough to gift me with a Kindle wrapped elegantly in a Verso embossed typewriter cover. How delightful is that?

It may take me a while to learn to read without a pen in my hand to scribble margin notes, but I\’m thoroughly enjoying the clickety-click of zooming between books. No more going room to room to find one of the three I\’m reading at the same time. Ah, progress.

Maybe I Just Need a Better Fountain Pen

Fresh Ribbon

…or, why don’t my pencasts look as gorgeous as everyone else’s?


VIDEO: The Twenty-Six Old Characters. A history of writing and how to use a fountain pen, brought to you by Sheaffer. Note: I tried to embed this and it jumped out in front of everything, taking over like The Video That Ate My Layout. Scary. Embed with care.