She\’s Back


So I guess it\’s been a while. Because the reasons are neither dramatic nor interesting, let\’s put that aside for a bit and focus instead on my new gadget.

It\’s not a typewriter. It\’s not even cutting edge, since I\’m certainly the last reader on the planet to finally get a Kindle. The fascination is simply this:

My daughter understands her mama\’s odd techno-dichotomy enough to gift me with a Kindle wrapped elegantly in a Verso embossed typewriter cover. How delightful is that?

It may take me a while to learn to read without a pen in my hand to scribble margin notes, but I\’m thoroughly enjoying the clickety-click of zooming between books. No more going room to room to find one of the three I\’m reading at the same time. Ah, progress.

16 thoughts on “She\’s Back

  1. Well, dunk me in butter and call me lobster-boy. It's good to hear from you again, Monda. Parts of the typosphere are becoming e-book friendly: Mr. Speegle and myself are even self-publishing for them.It's a brave new world.

  2. Oh, hooray! So glad to see you back!And that Kindle cover is awesome: a very thoughtful gift.I just got a Kindle myself about a month and a half ago, after looking down my nose at them for ages. And I admit, I love the thing.

  3. Congratulation on your Kindle! It's a super gift.You are not the last to get one. I am still debating whether to spring the money and get one or keep using what I like: paper. Paper books allow me to keep notes in the margins. Kindles allow me to read all kinds of out of print works anywhere.Very nice cover.

  4. So good to see you all! I've downloaded scads of (free) classics already the Hedy Lamar bio. When I figure out how to put all my saved Project Gutenberg texts on this thing I'll be stylin.

  5. Monda is baaaaack! So glad to see you. I am in semi-blog-retirement but had to come out of that just to say hello.Since seeing you last, I've gotten a job in Amazon's Kindle customer service division, so at your service, ma'am.

  6. The coolest thing… when I read your entries, it's like I hear you in narrator voice-over in my head. Okay, maybe I'm just bleary from grading (or thinking about grading). Or maybe it's just a knack. 🙂 Wonderful writing – and reading – either way.

  7. E-books certainly are more convenient. I've grown to accept them as well… but the smell of real paper can never be replaced.

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