Maybe I Just Need a Better Fountain Pen

Fresh Ribbon

…or, why don’t my pencasts look as gorgeous as everyone else’s?


VIDEO: The Twenty-Six Old Characters. A history of writing and how to use a fountain pen, brought to you by Sheaffer. Note: I tried to embed this and it jumped out in front of everything, taking over like The Video That Ate My Layout. Scary. Embed with care.

5 thoughts on “Maybe I Just Need a Better Fountain Pen

  1. I like your handwriting. But I can't seem to find a fountain pen that's actually refillable as opposed to trying to refill the cartridges…I don't think I'm trying hard enough. So I'll sit here and be jealous of your scribblecast instead.

  2. Oh, the Parker 45 is also a cartridge pen. It's not very chic, really. I'm probably too addicted to Parker gel ballpoints to ever truly go over to the other side.

  3. The video makes me crave a good 40s/50s Sheaffer. There's also a splendid piece in there that talks about the permanence of a written document. Sigh.I made a small side trip into Little Rock a couple of weeks ago and stopped by Vanness Pen Shop. Someday I'll own that white marbled Parker Duofold. Someday.

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