Forty Percent Chance

No Telling

I‘m waiting on the snow. If it means staying up half the night, fine. I know those of you who live in the Snowy North may be shaking your heads, but down here snow’s a brief luxury. Just the merest Weather Channel mention of it makes me feel like a little girl again. I may need to start right now digging in the hall closet to find a coat.

In fact, it might be time to do a little snow-dance just for good measure. I don’t know. Last time I did that we were locked in a solid block of ice for a week and giant tree limbs fell, breaking like chandeliers all over Davis Street. I might have danced too emphatically.

Cross your frosty fingers for me, and don’t you dare do the math on the date under the photo.

24 thoughts on “Forty Percent Chance

  1. We had flurries here in KY last night and I was so excited until it stopped. I will performing a snow dance of my own this weekend because I want a snow day on Monday. 🙂

  2. Go right ahead and sling those verbs around, gal, and dance! Be careful not to do any 80's funk moves, though. I tell you, that's nothing but ice and trouble.

  3. Monda, you're welcome to as much of our snow as you'd like. I'm getting kinda sick of it, to be honest. I'd like to be able to go out in a t-shirt again, but that's still months away.

  4. I spent most of my life (after age five) aching for snow and doing that hopeful dance. It never much worked for me, so I eventually just moved farther north. Here's hoping you're a better snow dancer than I ever was! 🙂

  5. I don't want to spoil all your fun or anything but could you please hold off the dance until say Tuesday. I've got to bring my Dad to Little Rock to see his neurosurgeon on Monday and would really like to get out of there safely.

    After that though, dance away lady! I'll be doing the same back home in KY!

  6. we'll be happy to send you some- though I must confess I still get happy/content when I see those flakes falling from the sky. Or, just fly up to Ohio- we'll be happy to outfit you with your own snow shovel and share of salt

  7. GunDiva, send it, baby!

    Kimberlee, it didn't snow at all last night. It's beginning to fall RIGHT NOW, though!

    Now Kate, you know I hit Kroger for last minute bread/milk/tp just like everyone else down here. A half-inch of snow and we're helpless.

    Okay, Brian. I need a video of that dance and quickly. Clearly I'm not using the right moves.

    Oh, Mikey! Look out the window right now!

    Too late, Stephanie Ann. I've danced and it's falling, although not at a frantic rate. FYI – It's supposed to snow again on Wednesday, so your window of opportunity is mighty small. Good Luck!

    Robin, snow on Lake Conway has GOT to be better than, say, the flood you've just had. Are you guys able to canoe out, or do you need supplies air-dropped?

    Sally, y'all in Ohio have a little too much snow. I wouldn't know how to behave in more than six inches of the stuff. Is there a snowman in your yard?

  8. trying again…
    Cute picture! I thought you might like this one, taken here in New England (and not by me). It's been snowing here for days.
    Love the blog, love the new look, love the story of the Perfect Grandson at Christmas. I hope you get your snow!


    But snow is old hat to us northern folk. Ours has already happened and disappeared. Temperatures are still hovering at -9 (BELOW ZERO!) with windchill, so there was no enjoying the last of ours. Yarp. Michigan.

  10. Dance away!!! Also, you can try wearing your PJ's inside out and backwards. thats what I did when I was little and wanted a snow day. haha.

    And please, even though I live in NY I get all giddy for snow still. I was disappointed that there was actually nothing on the ground this year, but mother nature is making up for it now 🙂 yay!

  11. Just so you all know, it was some kind of pitiful dusting – nothing more. The whole thing missed us by about twenty miles.

    Fine. There's more planned for Thursday and that's about as close as it needs to come before school begins again.

    Guess I'd better turn my PJs inside out and backwards this time.

  12. Girl, can you believe down here in the Lone Star state we had a WHITE CHRISTMAS?!?! All I did was whine and complain because my mother sent me out in it a lot, but still, white Christmas. We're expecting our FOURTH snow of the winter on Thursday. Crazy stuff.

    That picture of you is just about the cutest ever! My mom has one of my sister in a coat just like that one and it's around the same time.

  13. lol yes vry cold up here there is so much snow! but ilike your storys there intresting. Can you go read my newest blog”Being inspired by the abused childern”
    the kids are pretty amazing that i wrote about.
    thank you
    ~hope and strength~

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