Germ Warfare

No Telling

I look a lot like our gal Medusa right now. I’m not kidding.

Forget worrying about H1N1. At this point I think it’s a smoke screen for all the other menaces a few thousand freshman students can sling at you in the close proximity of the classroom. I’ve spent the last three days captive to some bug or other that’s nothing like The Swine. The germ-throwers caught me looking the other way and gave me a very uncomfortable stomach flu.

That’s okay. I’m felling better tonight and now I’ve got my head on a swivel for all their non-Swine health bombs. What’s next – strep? staph? mono? pink-eye? No matter. I’m onto their game now.

Tomorrow I’m going into class in an antibacterial Cloak of Invisibility. If anyone pokes fun, I’ll shoot ’em with Lysol and turn them to stone.

12 thoughts on “Germ Warfare

  1. I was wondering what happened to you! Get better, ok? …and don't sneeze on the monitor, or we'll ALL get it!

    We're off to Japan in a week or so, and our friends there tell us to bring surgical masks to wear in the streets.

    I'm distracted a little this morning by the 'verification word' below the box I'm writing in. Today it's gamobid. That sounds like it SHOULD be a word. Lemesee…a gamobid is what happens in the casino at the high-stakes bridge table: “It's your gamobid”.

  2. I'm exposed to about four hundred people's germs every two days on average (I'm cabin crew). After the first 20 bottles of hand sanitizer didn't do much, I've just thrown caution to the wind. Germs, come get me!

    Get well soon…

    My word verification 'word' is oflusniz – how viral and bacterial does THAT sound!

  3. I hope you're feeling better. I have a similar problem, I teach at 4 elementary schools and 2 junior high schools; I'm always down with something and I'm never sure where it came from… At least college students don't pick their nose before they take your hand or touch your clothes…or do they?

  4. those masks won't keep the bugs out…

    but Manuka honey [liquid gold from New Zealand] fixes most things
    along with a bit of extra Vitamin C

    and if all else fails, take to bed with a comforting bottle of rum. Appletons is good.

    get well soon

  5. Rum doesn't sound good AT ALL right now. And Kanmuri, college students aren't any different, they're just more secretive about their bad habits.

  6. Repeat this mantra…
    “I am impervious to microorganisms, I am impervious to microorganisms…”

    Has worked for me for years. Until I forgot to chant it at the beginning of this school year and was caught unawares by a really obnoxious HEAD COLD! Of all of the dangerous germies out there this year and a darn COLD knocks me on my arse.

    Oh, and word verification: foolowns, guess that means that this fool owns the cold. Drat.

  7. OH, the stomach bug deal has made the rounds at the high school where I teach. Actually, the flu-like stuff seems to be staying at the elementary schools so far; our students (and teachers) have been attacked by the stomach & respiratory gunk.

  8. Hi- I love this….

    “Tomorrow I'm going into class in an antibacterial Cloak of Invisibility. If anyone pokes fun, I'll shoot 'em with Lysol and turn them to stone”

    You're funny even when sick…that must mean something good.

    Hope you feel better,

  9. As a reaction to the swine-flu paranoia, us college kids have started putting water in the beer pong cups, and sipping our own beers.


    Good story, nothing like sarcastic sick rants, especially when they are funny!

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