Silent Type: A Retrotech Journal

Fresh Ribbon

If you listen very closely you can hear a collective oooh-aaah in the typosphere. Strikethru Publishing’s first volume of Silent Type: A Retrotech Journal made its way to the mailboxes this week and I’m beside myself with typewriter love. Forty-three pages of full-color photography and divine collage in addition to fiction, poetry, and essays – in full typewritten glory.

It’s a strong read and a stunning tribute to the retrotech in all of us. Strikethru, take a bow.

No, take two.

Volume I ran out as quickly as it was printed, although there’s talk of a second printing and a nudge here and there toward Volume II. If you can’t live another minute without having a copy in your hands, let Strikethru know. Tell her Monda sent you.

5 thoughts on “Silent Type: A Retrotech Journal

  1. I got mine yesterday and it's quite possibly the most beautiful thing in the history of ever. I want in on the next one. I need to go pester Strikethru about it now, actually…And I must say that your thing about the embroider-er ladies was quite possibly the most awesomest thing of yours I think I've ever read. It was…moving? I want to say? And you have such fabulous stationery. Lordy, lordy.belexive: dunno what this means, but it sounds like the perfect kind of adjective to describe Silent Type

  2. I can't believe I have my copy before you guys. We've still got Pony Express down here.Julia, I can't wait to see your work in the next issue!

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