B.A.R.O.P. vs. University Writing Center

Fresh Ribbon

The Old Remington Quiet-Riter has a new home and a special purpose. The Writing Center at the University of Central Arkansas now has corner dedicated to the Retrotech Arts, complete with a B.A.R.O.P. There’s also a suitable vintage table and chair, courtesy of my good friend Jennifer, whose lot in life is to keep the Writing Center tutors knowledgeable and fresh.

I have it on good authority that the paper roll is full of daily poetry, cryptic messages, and mysterious intrigues. All this despite the fact that not one of the tutors is old enough to remember typing up footnoted term papers on the real clanking deal.

This is the first of many projects planned this year using the manual typewriter/B.A.R.O.P. combination, so stay tuned.

I’ve got a lot more typewriters, a whole box filled with Big-Ass Rolls of Paper, and students who aren’t afraid to use them.

7 thoughts on “B.A.R.O.P. vs. University Writing Center

  1. I GOT MY PAPER, FINALLY, I FIGURED I WOULD ANNOUNCE. It's not a roll, per se, but I got a box of the old-school printer paper that's all linked together. This is a brilliant idea. You should get somebody to make some scans for you to post…

  2. UPDATE: I understand that one of the Writing Center's tropical fish has died. The typewritten tributes to Esmeralda are filling up the BAROP at a fast clip.

  3. I smell Art Installation here. Imagine a room papered floor-to-ceiling with BAROP-casts, and a table of pens in the middle of the room with a \”please contribute\” sign. Auction it off to some literary-minded alums, and you've got yourself a source of funding.Well-done!

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