Hitchcock and the Stylish Monster

Fresh Ribbon

Marnie is one of my favorite Hitchcock movies, and that Tippi Hendren is one creepy gal. The thing is, I visited Little Flower Petals earlier and saw her new Olympia that looks exactly like this one, then scooted over to Strikethru’s place where – binding machines aside – she threw out a little search for typewriters in the movies.
I realize this particular machine isn’t the star of the picture. Marnie stars a young and delicious Sean Connery, for God’s sake. The office scenes are full of those Hollywood-glam Olympias, though. Tippi even had stunning psychotic episodes behind a few of them.
I love it when a memory comes together, especially when it involves Big Honkin’ Typewriters and Sean Connery.

5 thoughts on “Hitchcock and the Stylish Monster

  1. Well, hey…it *is* my typewriter, isn\’t it? At least, it sure looks like it from the back — same triangular plastic paper holder doohickey and all. I wonder what year the SG1 was replaced by the SG3? Must have been a little earlier than I originally thought, since Marnie was 1964.A kind gentleman from the Yahoo TYPEWRITER group helped me find Bernard\’s serial numbers, and he was apparently born in \’66.

  2. Those are some seriously jumbo typewriters. Lord. Where are they now, I wonder… they are Olympias, so you know they are probably out there in some Los Angeles thrift shop, fully intact.

  3. Another memorable typewriter movie is Francois Truffaut\’s \”The Man Who Loved Women,\” during which the protagonist turns his exploits into a memoir which he types on an old machine he has to climb up on a cupboard to find.

  4. I\’ve been typewriter spotting. I\’ll have to check out Marnie.Atonement has a Corona No4. and Royal No. 10 which was used to write a very naughty word. Plus the music includes typewriter sounds.

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