Note on the Fridge to Senator McCain

No Telling


In deference to your age, Senator, and with the highest regard for your military service, I’ll keep this clean and brief.

All women are not alike, and they aren’t interchangeable. I’ll admit that when we were little girls, some of us popped off Barbie’s head and swapped it around with Skipper’s body. Maybe even Midge’s, you know, just for fun. But we knew it wasn’t real. Barbie was always Barbie and Midge, well, she had freckles.

Please understand if we’re completely, utterly, hopelessly insulted.

Warm regards,

Every Woman Who’s Ever Drawn Breath
Since Seneca Falls

10 thoughts on “Note on the Fridge to Senator McCain

  1. YOU ARE BRILLIANT! I can’t wait to show John this. He is truly worried that there will be a mass defection.How do we get this picture all over the web?Seriously.I’m going to link it to my blog!Steph

  2. Here’s the thing. When I’m angry enough to spend the better part of an hour scanning, cutting, pasting, and techno-tweaking you’d better look out.It did, however, keep me from the intial rant I wrote, which was much uglier. Much, much uglier. I’ve also posted this image on Flickr – < HREF="" REL="nofollow">here<>.

  3. Stated so damn well. Anyone with a brain — no matter the party affiliation or maybe even gender — will get this. I just wish McCain had/did/would/could . . .Since that questionable (at best) GOP veep selection, I’ve imagined an online counter keeping a runnning tally of fleeing voters.

  4. you are absolutely right.when i found out about this, i imagined john mccain, weeks prior, trying to make his vice president decision by comparing pictures of every female republican politician to a picture of hillary clinton.

  5. Okay, you put this way better than my screaming fit on the phone with my mother where I asked if he thought he could just throw another pair of ovaries at us crushed by the Hillary situation and we’d just jump on board. Then I asked how easy he thought I was and got ooked out because I was on the phone with my mom talking about being easy. And, thank you SOOO much for the nominations. I am just about to post a blog about you and all your coolness. You totally made my day!!

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