Procrastination and the Keyboarding Arts

Fresh Ribbon

Christmas break is a lazy time and its getting lazier. My momentum is shot and in no time at all I’ll have to reawaken the working beast and throw myself into the post-holiday pace – which looks an awful lot like my pre-holiday pace. I love the lolling and moseying, though, so I’m not going to think about the other just yet.

I’m finding all sorts of nothing in particular to do – mainly time-wasting Ebay grazing – but I’ve definitely not resorted to skimming hours making typewriter art. I might, you know, but not just yet. It’s not that there’s nothing for me to do, I’ve just decided to put it all off until Monday. Procrastination has to be an all or nothing project, really. Either you put things off entirely or you dive in athletically and flail around. At least I’ve set a deadline.

This morning I decided to cruise some sites that didn’t require me to pay with Paypal, and found a nice piece about writing and old typewriters and a little about procrastination on The Munchkin Wrangler’s blog. Nice Olympia, as well.

Hitchcock and the Stylish Monster

Fresh Ribbon

Marnie is one of my favorite Hitchcock movies, and that Tippi Hendren is one creepy gal. The thing is, I visited Little Flower Petals earlier and saw her new Olympia that looks exactly like this one, then scooted over to Strikethru’s place where – binding machines aside – she threw out a little search for typewriters in the movies.
I realize this particular machine isn’t the star of the picture. Marnie stars a young and delicious Sean Connery, for God’s sake. The office scenes are full of those Hollywood-glam Olympias, though. Tippi even had stunning psychotic episodes behind a few of them.
I love it when a memory comes together, especially when it involves Big Honkin’ Typewriters and Sean Connery.