The Taxman Cometh


Break out the bubbly, folks. For the first time in six years I’m actually getting a tax refund from the State of Arkansas. This is quite an accomplishment and I couldn’t be more pleased. Those revenue guys have been raking this gal over the coals for some time now. In six to eight weeks I’m assure that there will be a check in the mail. For five dollars. That the refund. Five bucks.

And I don’t care that the check won’t even buy lunch at McDonalds. At least not if I want something to drink.

But wait. There’s even more good news. The Federal Taxman has ALSO given me a break. Sure I owe money, but this time it’s just double-digits. I have enough mathematical acumen to understand that still puts me in the hole overall, but this year it’s more like a divot. I can replace a divot. It’s the cavernous, echoing Yellowstone-like holes that make me quit breathing, and you can bet I’ve been to the precipice and looked over the edge.

I’m going to cash that five-dollar check and spend it all in one place. Shouldn’t be hard to do. My head is spinning so with the thought of such a windfall that I scarcely know how to spend it. I’ve got six to eight weeks to think about it, though. If you have any suggestions just let me know.