W.W.V.L.S? (What Would Vince Lombardi Say?)

No Telling

I’ve put this off for a few days, what with the holiday and Michael Jackson’s memorial service and all. If you think about it, this may have been Sarah Palin’s exit strategy – resign as governor of Alaska while everyone’s looking the other way with a sparkly white glove in one hand and a bottle rocket in the other.

While I’m perfectly comfortable seeing Sarah to the door, I’m afraid she’s going to keep coming back up like one of those pop-up arcade games you hit with a rubber hammer. You know, the kind they have at Playworld. She was back in front of the cameras today, as a matter of fact. Waders and full make-up. You can’t whine about the media and then invite them all to watch you fish.

My father has a lot of sayings, and while none of them has anything specifically to do with fishing, point guards, or the governorship of a large and sparsely populated state, they all center around Doing The Right Thing. That “thing” inevitably means finishing what you start.

“Winners never quit and quitters never win. ” ~Vince Lombardi

So go do your thing, Sarah, whatever it is. Just remember that no amount of spin makes abdicating sworn responsibility any prettier. Too many folks are onto the Politics of Shiny Objects, and they’re weary.

There. I’m done. Time to grab a burned leftover hot dog and watch Thriller one more time.

UPDATE: Here’s Palin’s resignation speech – Vanity Fair’s “Edited Version.” Priceless.

Bill and Hillary: Family Album


In the middle of all the verbal fisticuffs and political mayhem, I keep returning to this picture. I found it some time ago and planned to use it for something snarky, but I just can’t. Look at them. A million years ago before the campaigns and the bad press and the blue dress and the winning. Back before they ate from the tree.

And it strikes me that all this history they carry on each other’s backs, all this accumulated striving and aching for more and less, all of it is in the seed of this picture. In this moment they have no Secret Service detail, no publicized broken hearts or policies. They aren’t yet parents or Presidents.

Everything we know of them is after this photograph. He never inhaled and she never exhales. There’s always a race they’re both running. I honestly can’t see either of them on CNN now without thinking of the innocence in this picture.