Yearbook Yourself, or This is What Happens When She’s got a Little Time on Her Hands

No Telling

So it’s Friday night. Em’s out with her gentleman friend and I’m babysitting The Perfect Grandson who’s working some new molars through and is a bit restless. Writing anything requiring sustained concentration is out the window.

I’m kind of glad, though, because I’ve found this Yearbook Yourself site and it’s more fun than anyone has a right to have. Just upload a picture, make sure it’s lined up correctly, then try on yearbook looks. Anything from 1954 to 2000. Double the fun by adding your picture to activities – seriously, put yourself in a 1966 football squad or become a cheerleader in the 80s (scary permed hair and all).

I loved all of them, but this one (1966) really made me pause. Except for the glasses, I look exactly like my mother.

C’mon. You know you’re not doing anything important right now. Go make a yearbook picture and horrify yourself, just promise to leave a link so we can all enjoy your pain. Extra points if you put it on Facebook.