Like Lazarus…


Well, the old blog layout finally self-destructed. Not like I didn\’t see it coming. I\’ll miss those tea-stained boxes and funky page-switches, but not enough to build it back. So, the new Fresh Ribbon is a little cleaner, a little more functional.

To put me in the typecasting mood, I\’ve whipped up a page on Facebook. Those of you addicted to FB (and you know who you are) will find this an easy way to keep up. I\’ve slung up a few oddities on there already, so drop in and say hello.

4 thoughts on “Like Lazarus…

  1. Aww, but the new layout is cute too! I finally redid mine…but now I have nothing good to write about. -__- Ah, well. I'll be unemployed again at the end of the month. You're out of school for the summer, right? We should get everybody together and put ourselves back on the wagon.

  2. Congrats on the FB page. Already become a fan–erm…I mean, liked it.A couple of times I've attempted to create a page for Machines of Loving Grace, but evidently \”Loving\” is a forbidden word. I've appealed to the Powers That Be at FB, but they are determined to ignore me.

  3. Why, thanks! Those FB folk are a funny bunch. Last year I drove myselfe crazy trying to create a page there for our university literary magazine. Two weeks ago they finally decided we were a magazine and not a community group. Keep trying to make that page – I'll be your biggest fan!

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