Only a Typewriter Geek Like Me (or maybe you…)


…will appreciate the bevy of old machines in their seminatural habitats. Nothing like a Navy training film, I say.

And don\’t you dare stop watching before it\’s over. There\’s some mighty fancy keystroking going on there at the end.

6 thoughts on “Only a Typewriter Geek Like Me (or maybe you…)

  1. Wow, where did you FIND this? I love the part about the different types and the history (will help me when I'm out scavenging). Look at her fingers go at the end!

  2. Steph, I just found the vintage video mother lode, so stand back. Did you notice the \”women and girls\” can now perform military duties just as important as those of men? Who knew?Thanks, James, and it's good to see you in here.Oh, Rino – that was my favorite line, too…

  3. I remember my grand father old typewriter and i still have it in my closet, it was pretty amazing for me to write in something like that when i had 6 years old, until when i birth 13 and i get my first computer a pentium 3, but also i never though that in the army people write like this.

  4. I love her American Gothic accent! Grant Wood couldn't paint it better. And what a virtuoso typist. But by the time it got to correct position of the fingertip on the key, I was feeling very micromanaged. And that hairdo, the Ratched roll, made me very anxious about winding up in electroshock.

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