Accidental Tourists

No Telling

Whew. It’s Spring Break.

The days have been slamming into each other at such a fast clip, and suddenly there’s a bit of stillness. It’s nice. I’m actually faced with a day when I don’t have to be anywhere at any particular time, and the only pressing item on the to-do list is housework.

I’d go outside and spend the day in the sun, but there’s been some meteorological confusion recently and the high here will be in the low 40s today. There’s a bizarre chance of snow tonight. I’m sure the weather will right itself in a few days, though. It’s not like Arkansas is anyone’s Spring Break Destination, so there’s no danger of losing the college-boy tourism dollar.

The danger is when the ground warms back up. That’s when the creepy crawlies set up housekeeping in the garage and odd high corners. Spiders – as long as they’re not furry or unduly large – I can deal with. It’s the snake situation that’s making me nervous. In the fall, there was a local phenomenon that somehow introduced scads of baby copperheads into neighborhoods where they’d not previously visited. Em killed one, a neighbor lady had an incident, and we saw two flattened in the road. I’m not convinced we’ve seen the whole family yet, is all I’m saying.

Since Aruba is out this year (well, every year) it looks like I’ll be close to home. I’m itching to throw a soul-cleansing yard sale, even though it means braving creepy crawlies in both the garage and the attic. Anything’s better than a surprise snake, though. Anything.

I’m praying for this funky-cold weather to continue through Friday, just for good measure. If anyone out there is an expert on the seasonal behavior of Arkansas copperheads, please give me a heads up.

11 thoughts on “Accidental Tourists

  1. Have you sharpened the head on your hoe and made sure that your neighbor's axe is in good shape? There's just no way I could live in the south – sorry, humidity and creepy crawlies are not my idea of a good time, not matter how wonderful the manners are down there.

  2. Welcome back – I've missed reading your posts. Understand busy though. How the days do fly by. By the way, it has been warming in Michigan and the spiders and slow flies are making their appearances. 🙂

  3. I'm glad you're back too! Wish I could add advice about copperheads, but we never had them coming around the house before. I wonder if there isn't some sort of repellent you could get? And/or, do you have cats? My cat brought a snake up once–at least you'd know where they are!

  4. Mothballs will keep them out. While not really an option for the house, you can “plant” them with just a little soil over them. I don't know if they actually irritate the snakes, or just diminish the overall food supply, but we had good luck with the mothballs when we lived in the woods.

  5. It's good to have ye back Monda. Good luck with the snakes. My grandmother used to put a hemp rope around her yard. She said snakes wouldn't crawl over it. She lived in Tennessee. Not sure if it's true, but the rope may come in handy if there are any 2 legged snakes you's like to hang.

  6. Copperheads, spiders and flies…aaaagh! But oh yes, a spring yard sale. I've been thinking of braving the basement to gather up things to get rid of at another of my “Lots of things are a dollar” yard sale. Glad you're back.

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