I’ve Moved, Sorta

No Telling

Still in the same Blogspotty place, of course. The only difference is a new address:

This is nothing drastic, and Blogger promises to redirect everyone quite nicely should they use the old http://ohtheresjustnotelling.blogspot.com address in feed readers and bookmarks and such. I tell you, the whole move has been ridiculously easy (and inexpensive) through Blogger.

I tried to snag the .com, but apparently there’s this unfriendly gentleman in Argentina who bought it years ago and wants to sell it like a bag of diamonds. Since I’m neither a conglomerate nor a Rockerfeller, he can keep it.

I like “net” anyway. Reminds me of mama’s Aquanet hairspray, a miracle right up there with electricity and the virgin birth.

13 thoughts on “I’ve Moved, Sorta

  1. Hey, I'm the first comment-word to your mother and her Aquanet!! I can't smell that hairspray with thinking about my own mama-and the 80's!

    Congrats on the move!!

  2. Not a Yankee thing at all, Peevish. Dippity-Do was a staple in coiffure arsenal down here too, you just couldn't buy it on a Sunday.

    Blue Laws, you know.

  3. Oh, Gypsy Chef! I lived for those weekly trips with my mama to the Jo-La-Ru Beauty Shop. I envy you your hood-dryer and brush-roller childhood.

    Fan O'Bach, they had so few choices. In a world of my own making, this would be http://www.notelling.y'all. Isn't that so much nicer?

  4. is aquanet the same brand once used together with a lit cigar in a James Bond film to blast some unhappy reptile? more fun than capsicum spray…

  5. He wants to sell it like it's a bag of diamonds. Hmph. Seems like everywhere you turn people are trying to get rich via the internet.


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