Dumptrucks and Reindeer

No Telling

Santa came and paper flew. We’ve been dodging power-hits from the T-Ball set-up for two days now. We’ve built and trashed a few dozen block buildings, put together puzzles, colored with fat crayons so frantically that we’ve got to make another ticky-tack run tomorrow so we can show these beauties off properly.

And there are vehicles – trucks, cars, fire engines, tractors – all with appropriate sounds. The ladies in the house are finding all this varoom varoom business a tad mysterious, but it seems mighty important to The Perfect Grandson. He speaks “race car” more fluently than we do.

It snowed here for Christmas, although only for about half an hour and only between midnight and one o’clock. It didn’t stick and it didn’t stay, but I saw it blowing sideways at the streetlamps and it was a lovely gift. It rained for a week before the snow, devastating and stranding most of the state in floodwaters that have only just today begun to recede.

We had love and food and presents and family. With the flooding and events more dreadful, there are others who did not, so I’m grateful. There are always little miracles even in the worst of times.

The Perfect Grandson swears he saw a reindeer in our front yard.

“Sugar, where did you see the deer?”

“Wight dere.” He pointed at the postcard of grass that is our front yard.

“What was he doing out there?”

“Eatin gwass. Wet’s go, MiMi. I fina deer.”

We bundled up against the cold and searched for it high and low. We live in the middle of town, but it’s not unlikely there was a confused deer wandering the streets. Around here, things like that can happen. But what he saw was no deer – The Perfect Grandson says he saw a reindeer. And I believe him.

15 thoughts on “Dumptrucks and Reindeer

  1. Wonderful that the grandson saw a reindeer! Sounds like you had a grand Christmas.

    Looking for input about something… Cleaning out my dad's things I have come in possesion of a Remington Guiet Riter Portable typewriter. Should I keep it or sell it?

  2. Ah to be a child again and play with Tonka Toys!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I used to see dinosaurs outside my bedroom window when I was a kid, until my dad told me that it was just the bushes swaying in the wind. Sometimes I wished that he never told me. I liked my dinosaurs!

  3. GunDiva – thanks! And I hope you and yours had a fabulous holiday as well.

    Kate, it's good to be back. My heart breaks for the Salvation Army Lt.'s wife and children. There's no punishment awful enough for those who did it.

    Moonshadow, a Quiet-Riter! Those old typewriters are made like battleships and type like a dream. I loaned mine to the UCA Writing Center for a fun project and it's getting a real workout. Keep it and type like the wind, gal!

    Brian, he's so convinced he saw one of Santa's reindeer that I can't help but believe. We'll keep looking!

  4. Welcome back, I've missed you!
    Sounds like a wonderful Christmas. So glad the Grandson saw a reindeer. Sometimes life is wonderful.

    What a horrible tragedy in NLR. Sad that even on Christmas such things can occur.

  5. Merry xmas Monda and crew, Perfect Grandson sounds like he was absolutely precious.

    It rained here *on* xmas, turning our little bit of snow into a giant sheet of ice and freaking out everybody on the highway.

    You guys had a shooting, somebody tried to blow up an airplane landing here…god, do they know it's xmas or what?

  6. I'm so glad to finally have two minutes together and a mind unrattled by over-work. I can't tell you how lovely it is to be back here scribbling again. Missed all of you so much.

  7. Awww this was really cutee.

    I was kinda bummed at no snow this Christmas… but then again we WERE in South Carolina.

    there was no snow in NY, either. but hey, there's always next year.

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