Breathing the Fresh Air of a Four-Day Furlow

No Telling

The last essay (for now) is graded. National Novel Writing Month is a sweet flicker in the rear-view mirror. Final exams begin on Tuesday. Somebody pour me a drink.

My brains are scrambled and my eyesight is shot. I’ve eaten unhealthy food from bags out of machines for too long and haven’t had a minute to attend to this poor blog. I’ve got four days to regroup and come out swinging, all my faculties in place and such.

I’m having a little sushi tomorrow and a long walk. I might even scare some of the dust off of this desk and become human again. That’s the plan, anyway.

Oh, I have so many stories to tell you guys. You just don’t know.

16 thoughts on “Breathing the Fresh Air of a Four-Day Furlow

  1. Hahahaha. Let the stories begin! And Nanowrimo is some insane stuff man. It separates the quills from the pencils. Hahahaha. I used to think that 3000 word essays in varsity were bad…50 000 is insane! My pen and my mind crawled to the finish line……

  2. Patiently waiting till you return to the blogotubez with a loooong post (or series of posts) about where you've been and what you've been up to. I miss you. In that weird, I-only-know-you-on-the-internet-but-you-know-of-the-weird-crap-that-happens-in-my-daily-life way.

  3. I'm catching up with all my blogs this weekend between bouts of AAUP meetings (and, tonight, with my three other state executive committee members, I learned the ultimate value of that organization and wish all of my colleagues would join). I can't wait to read your stories, and just wanted to remind you that I've gone to blogger (is that kind of like going to seed?) and changed back to my old name: Sans le Nom, Eventually, I will wrest my domain names from the hands of the dastardly fellows who would prefer that I not.


  4. I kind of identify with you. I'm trying to rearrange my pockets of time to get things done in the day. Yet, first thing, I'm here at the computer, because I have so much to say and so much to write.

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