Write Your Weatherman and Demand Change

Fresh Ribbon


Image: Federal German Archive via Wikimedia Commons

15 thoughts on “Write Your Weatherman and Demand Change

  1. Yeah, I've been pining for things like Crisp Breeze and Crunchy Leaves and Sweater Weather lately. I need an excuse to drag out the cardigans, cuz it was something like eighty-four here today and I was not a happy camper.We all know the weathermen make the weather, so they should get on this.p.s., i am still jealous of your cursive typewriters.p.p.s., i'm coed age and the booty shorts repulse me too, i'm not understanding this trend.

  2. You need a cursive machine, Julia. And I'm going to shut up about the booty shorts because there may be some incriminating pictures from the 70s out there. What in the world is up with that, Olivander? Shouldn't you guys have snow by now?

  3. As a matter of fact, Sept 15 is the earliest date that I have experienced snow since I've lived in MN. Not likely for at least another couple of weeks, however. We dallied around with the 40s last month, and now we're making up for it. We Lutherans have to pay penance for everything we enjoy, donchaknow?FYI, I've done some flipping through dusty pages, and I'm 99% certain that our water maiden is working with a Densmore, either No.4 or 5.Word ver: blograf: troublemaking bloggers.

  4. Nuts to you guys. 98 yesterday and back up into the 100's this weekend. Hell, we still have a whole other MONTH of Summer. But oh how I long for crisp air and drinking hot cider guilt-free. Also, even as a man and an admitted fan of booty, I have to say that those short are a but much. Let's leave something to the imagination, shall we?

  5. Same here Speegs, its still hot as hell. Humid too. But the pay off is coming right just not yet. The shorts are just fine in my eyes… I am a bubby kind of guy but IMO nothing wrong with a little bum showing lol. But I will use being 22yrs old as an excuse.

  6. Speculator's killing me. I want to live in Maine – at least through October.Deek – the leaves are down already? We're so behind.I knew you'd ID that typewriter for us, Olivander. Mike, you must live in the Congo. It gets hot down here, but we're enjoying the gift of a little respite. I'm half afraid to say anything lest it break the spell.James, 22 is it's own best excuse for a great many things. you're a lucky fella.

  7. Come on up and visit, Monda!When the winds start to chill, we duck into tea rooms, pubs, and cafes. And of course there's always clam chowder and pea soup. As the old saying here goes, \”there's no bad weatha, only bad clothing.\”

  8. Tempting, especially today when it's a tad tornadoey outside.We have that same saying down here, except \”weather\” is pronounced with at least four syllables. Viva la dipthong, and such.

  9. This time of year always has me remembering New England autumns even though I haven't lived there since 1972. In fact, northern Virginia has had a pretty mild summer but I still miss New England with those first cool mornings, 200 year old taverns serviing hot cider, and macintosh apple roadside stands. (SIGH!)Come October, we're taking a drive down the Blue Ridge Parkway. There should be some color by then. And we plan to visit a luthier whose shop nestles against the mountains. Can't afford his guitars but I hope to pick up a bowed psaltery and maybe a simple plucked dulcimer.The booty shorts (didn't know they had a name) are fine. Of course this is a distant admiration partly because at my age the girls can all out run me and partly because my wife is a darn good shot. NaNoWriMo is coming up in a month and a half. (So soon?) I like to take the Olympia SM4 to a local park with covered picnic tables. Early morning, cool to cold temps and crisp dry air, a thermos of coffee and plenty of color from the oaks and maples while I type away for a couple of hours. It is heavenly.Jeff

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