A Little Physics

Fresh Ribbon
The Law of Reflection
A found poem, typed on a pink Royal Futura 800 of delicate sensibilities.

20 thoughts on “A Little Physics

  1. I just love the way you are so artistic with the typewriter. I am so glad I found your blog when it was listed as a Blog of Note. You deserve a lot of congratulations for all your creative work here.

  2. Science is quite romantic, Mike. It's math that takes all the magic out of it.Thanks, Kathy, and I'm glad you're here!Strikethru, I'd love to wear cocktail dresses every single day. And gloves. Love em.A long time ago I ordered a box of ephemera from a seller on Ebay. Can't tell you how much fun I've had with it – especially these cut-out ads. I'm guessing this one was for underarm deodorant.

  3. Oh, love this, Monda! Retro make-up is back, BTW, not that some of us ever gave it up. Andy Rooney once charmingly said that women aren't grown-up enough to wear red lipstick till they're over 40. I agree. Which means you and I can wear all the red lipstick we want now! And I have the red patent-leather peep-toe high heels to go with it…

  4. When Speegle or JVC or somebody invents a new type-writer or type-casting trick, we all rush out and try it, which I hope they accept as a compliment.When you do something stunning like this (and you've used this format before) we all just stare. I hope you take that as the highest compliment.Excellent work, Monda.

  5. Monda, I'll make you a deal on behalf of my gender: you ladies go back to wearing opera gloves and dresses and retro makeup, and for our part, us men will don fancy hats that we will tip when you go by. I might even be able to talk everyone else into bow ties.

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