Wow. Thanks, Blogger!

No Telling

And a big Thank You to everyone who’s visiting. This took me a little by surprise, folks, so I don’t have a speech prepared. I’m waving, though, just like a Miss Toadsuck Beauty Queen.

Fingers together. Wrist, wrist.

There’s iced tea in the fridge and I’m working on a plate of deviled eggs. Make yourself at home.

46 thoughts on “Wow. Thanks, Blogger!

  1. Enjoyed this immensely! Well done, I'll be back if you don't mind wee people of no note whatsoever! 🙂 (Incidentally, MV for me was 'turpses” – which down here is a term for a drink!)

  2. Hi my dear friend
    while its too mani blog services in Iran I like blog spot much too and I moved to blogger recently from
    increase number of visitors is realy good ؛ I undrestande it
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    i like we be tow good friend together…
    heve a good day

  3. Yeeeeee…Ha! A great big Ozarks congratulation from this farm chick on blogger of note. I live on a large working farm in southern Mo. Humidity causes blight on tomatoes and my 38 roses bushes. (I suffer from OCFD..obsessive compulsive flower disorder). I discovered a few years ago if I sprayed twice weekly with a fungicide,miticide,insecticide combo I don't have any problems with either plant. I spray regularly twice weekly even if the plant shows no sign of disease. Sorry you aw'nautural people but this works. Have a very blessed day!

  4. Oh, my word! Just read some of your posts (still nodding and laughing) and I'm so glad you got blogger of note so I could find you! It's well deserved. Congrats, girl!

  5. You've made it big time now, Monda. And we remember when you were just a simple southern gal with too many typewriters and a perfect grandchild.

    Still waiting for the book tour.

  6. Wow. Thank y'all for leaving such lovely comments. I'm flabergasted.

    MP, I haven't used a typewriter all day and these fingers are itchin'.

  7. Congrats!

    I suppose, since school starts in less than a week, that I'll be seeing you soon. Hope you have a great last week of summer…

    and a fun time celebrating this latest piece of success!

  8. Thanks Jenna, Pria, and Forever Bliss! I'm so glad you stopped by, and thanks for the congrats.

    Jay – you're a little ominous, buddy. Did I teach you in class?

  9. Wonderful blog! I love the layout and design – the sepia tones are a really nice touch and the way you share your thoughts is articulate and brilliant!

    I'm a Canadian who is also a Generation Joneser. I write a blog entitled, “Blasts From the Past”. It's anecdotal in nature and seems to strike a chord with people. If you'd like to have a look, I'd be well pleased.

    I'm joining your burgeoning entourage!


  10. Thanks so much, Kat! I just spent a little time at your Blasts from the Past blog – ah, memories. I'm so glad you found my blog, now I can hang out on yours!

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