Note on the Fridge to Moleskine and the Very Good News

No Telling

Dear Moleskine,

I know I’ve been a tad insistent about this ruled, extra large notebook business. I know I’ve whined and shaken my fist in the air in frustration. In short, I know I’ve given you a hard time.

The last email I received about the rebirth of the XL ruled Soft Cover Moleskine was heartening. While my favorite XL ruled cahiers were still history, I could make do. It put a dent in my despair.

So you can imagine my absolute joy this morning when I found this little miracle in my email:

Here I sit, down to my last two or three cahiers, and you slide out of the email ether riding a white horse and slinging out Exactly What I Want. I was this close to breaking up with you, Moleskine, and now you’re offering my favorite notebook in two new colors. I feel like dancing.

You may now consider us reconciled.



(Start your credit cards, Moleskine lovers, and click on the announcement above to stock up.)

3 thoughts on “Note on the Fridge to Moleskine and the Very Good News

  1. Oh you're so lucky. I already ran through the military notebook I bought and finally got my hands on this giant pink plastic-covered monstrosity I've had my eye on at Borders for forever…I might go back and buy the rest of them, cuz they were on Clearance. Then go to all the other Borders around here so I don't ever run out. Because this notebook is perfection. YAY MONDA GOT HER HAPPYBOOKS BACK.

  2. Oh, Julia – RUN back and buy every last one of those pink notebooks. When they're on clearance it's a sometimes a sign they'll be gone forever. I'd love to know what the military notebook looks like.

    Borders is supposed to carry Picadilly notebooks in-store, which are rumored to be dead-ringers for Moleskine only cheaper. We don't have a Borders around here, so I've never been able to check it out. Tell me if you run across one.

  3. They have Picadillys and they're always on sale, because people have something against them cuz they're not “real” Moleskine. Personally, I never could stand Moleskines, but I'm sort of itchy to try a Picadilly. They're cheap enough, anyway, if I don't like it I won't feel bad about not using it…

    This is the military notebook I got, cuz I'm too lazy to go take a picture of my own:
    But I already ran through it. Nice notebook, but merely a stopgap measure.

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