This Little Piggy Went to…

No Telling

…Interstate 40. And 430. And just about everywhere else for hours while traffic was rerouted around the pig fiasco.

Update: Interstate Reopens After Pig Truck Accident – | KTHV | Little Rock, AR

The Great Bear Writing Project began this morning with several of our faithful stuck in traffic for over an hour while “troopers and others” coaxed close to ninety 800-pound swine off the roadway. Thankfully, our writers all made it in. Sadly, there was no video. There are more pictures, however, if you click on the KTHV link.

Let me say that hogs on the interstate during rush hour traffic is just one of the things I love about living here in Arkansas. It reminds me that despite our technological acumen and wanna-be status, we’re still just good people who every once in a while have to sidestep loose pigs.

My heart is full.

2 thoughts on “This Little Piggy Went to…

  1. Monda, you'd love a book I read recently called “The Good, Good Pig — The Life & Times of a Pig Named Christopher Hogwood.”

    Personally, I'm fond of them myself. We haven't had any loose ones stop traffic on the Interstate lately, but there are some exceptionally noteworthy ones which will be stopping foot traffic at our county fair next month.

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