Scribbling up a Storm in Harmony Grove

No Telling

I’m here in Harmony Grove, AR this week with Stephanie giving a week-long series of writing workshops and having the time of my life.

Everyone set up their own blogs today, so we’re frantically blogging and commenting before the lunch break. Technology being what it is – sometimes unfriendly and occasionally misbehaving – we’ve still managed a room full of teachers freshly publishing online.

I’m taking pictures and soon there will be a whole host of scribbling and such to show you exactly what it is we’ve accomplished this week. Stay tuned, y’all.

One thought on “Scribbling up a Storm in Harmony Grove

  1. When I read Camden, I knew I'd been there and couldn't figure out why. That's where the boy that was in my ex's unit that got killed in Iraq was from. His funeral was in the high school gym and people lined both sides of the street waving flags as we drove to the graveyard. It was the saddest thing I've ever seen.

    Then, I hid behind a tree and waited for this smartass who'd been running his head at the funeral about the great work they were over there when he didn't even go for some reason (like a lame one, not a real one), and ripped him a new one. Yep, I'm all class!

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