Note on the Fridge to Moleskine (Part II, maybe III)

No Telling

Dear Moleskine,

I know in the past I’ve been a little upset, maybe even a little OCD/freaky about your decision to discontinue Extra Large Ruled Cahiers. To add insult to injury this year you introduced two new colors – blood red and navy – in addition to your regular black and cardboard cahiers. Again, without an XL Ruled Cahier in the lineup. I didn’t whine, though, until I discovered you’d also discontinued the XL Ruled Soft Cover books.

Sweet Jesus.

To tell you the truth, I’ve been in mourning and unable to gather enough strength even to complain about it here. Instead, I did the next worst thing and gave up, started cruising other sites for “almost” notebooks. I don’t mean to disparage all those Rhodia people out there, but that paper is white. Doesn’t matter how smooth or fountain-pen friendly it is, it’s blinding.

So imagine my delight today when this appeared in my email.

It’s not a full-blown ruled cahier resurrection, but close enough for me. I can exhale now and scribble like a madwoman in the last twenty pages of my old XL Ruled Soft Cover. There will be more! And I won’t have to figure exchange rates to get one of the last five on the planet.

So thank you, Moleskine. You’ve saved my brand-loyalty and my sunny disposition.

4 thoughts on “Note on the Fridge to Moleskine (Part II, maybe III)

  1. Sympathy! I haz it! A girl cannot cope without her weapon of choice.

    The Staples location nearest my house stopped stocking the pink legal pads I loved so much. They appear to no longer exist anywhere, on the entire planet, even though Google says otherwise. Also, all the big box stores I go to to find a replacement for my “Lil' Fat” Mead notebook, appear to no longer stock those. No pink legal pads. No new fat notebook. I may bitch a lot, but I simply cannot cope with this shenanigans. I'm going to get some military-type notebooks tomorrow, because this is getting ridiculous.

  2. Pre-Moleskine, I had an addiction to chemistry notebooks – blue covers, green, eye-ease paper, numbered pages, college ruled. I used to be able to find them everywhere and now only on one website and the price is appalling.

    The recession isn't so awful that Staples couldn't supply pink legal pads, though. And those fat Mead notebooks? God, they used to have those everywhere.

    You're right. These shenanigans won't do.

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