No Telling

This is the tornado
that came through Mena, Arkansas last night, as recorded by a security camera at the Sevier County Jail. Three died, twenty or more injured. It was a terrible, terrible night, although it’s even more eerie caught on film this way. Like no one else was looking.

2 thoughts on “Trespassing

  1. It looked pretty bad on GMA this morning. My friend is helping her cousin, who is HIV positive and a completely useless mo-fo, raise his son (the kid is 5 and was wearing a 2T when they moved in with her). He keeps getting pissed because she makes rules and threatens to take the little boy back to Mena, which is where he’s from. I called her stupid early this morning to make sure he hadn’t made good on his threat because he’s too stupid to protect that baby. I was glad to hear the little dude waking her up at the same time I did!

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