Seven Things I’ll Miss About Spring Break

No Telling

1. See picture above.

2. Lounging around in unattractive sweats all day.

3. Reading whatever I want, whenever I want.

4. Leisurely coffee in the morning from a pot I made myself.

5. Unhurried, inspired scribbling at odd hours.

6. Extended, guiltless Ebay searching.

7. Snuggling up on the couch, watching the Backyardigans with that boy in the picture.

12 thoughts on “Seven Things I’ll Miss About Spring Break

  1. There is not much better in the world than snuggling with a toddler. I don’t understand why older kids don’t have that level of snugglebility.Laura

  2. Hi, Monda. Hi, Emily. Oh, yes, unfettered reading, writing, coffee & snuggling with a cute little guy. Sounds like paradise.Monda, how's the @#*&% knee??

  3. This morning Max asked me to please stop treating him like a baby. I miss him being cute and snuggly like the perfect grandson. I’m going to force him to snuggle right now.

  4. I’ve got the ice to it even now, Kathi. Am I icing, or ice-ing? I’ve got to look that up.And Olivander, the Perfect Grandson is even more perfect in person. Just look at those eyes…

  5. < HREF="" REL="nofollow">These eyes<> are pretty irresistible, too. 🙂When and if we head down to AR to visit the niece, we’ll just have to get the two together for a cuteness smackdown.

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