Moleskine and Etsy and the Seven Stages of Cahier Grief

Fresh Ribbon

I’ve been a little put out ever since Moleskine discontinued production of my beloved black, extra large, ruled cahiers. A friend who went to the AWP conference gifted me with Moleskine’s 2009 catalog and – adding insult to injury – now there’s a glorious, deep red XL cahier – in blank and gridded paper only. No! Moleskine also added an 8×11 hardbound ruled “folio” notebook, but I can’t find this one online anywhere. There’s the barest mention of it here, but no picture or price.

I need to make peace with this loss. There’s a reason people make fun of Moleskine addicts. There are seven stages of grief, you know, and I’m floating somewhere between #4 and #5. It’s not a pretty place.

So off to Etsy. I figure if Big Business isn’t interested in me, I can send my couch-cushion change to someone who cares. I love supporting artists and they love making art. It’s a match made in heaven.

There are so many gorgeous choices. It’s taking me too long to figure out how to link the pictures to each site, so I’ve included the links below each one. (A little help, techies?)

Neilsonhandmade has a stunning How to Win Boys “upcycled” book. I may need to rob more than just my couch-cushions to get it, but it’s a contender. The Trouble book is another, but there just aren’t enough couches to bankroll that one. When I win the lottery, this will be one of my first stops.

Allibell has handmade journals are a little closer to my price range. Thirty pages of mulberry paper and all that vintage ephemera for only $9.00.

Ah, Afiori. This jewel is only 4″x6″, but it has a hundred pages (x2 of you write on both sides) of mixed papers. The cover is one of Afiori’s prints on frosted plastic, so it doesn’t have to be so preciously guarded against coffee spills and such. Only $12. Lovely.

There are literally hundreds more upcycled, recycled, hand sewn, vintage, breathtaking journals on Etsy. I even found quite a few artistically enhanced Moleskines there. Sadly, none of them are extra large, ruled cahiers. When I’ve moved ahead a bit in the grieving process, I’ll give them more attention. Right now it hurts too much.

5 thoughts on “Moleskine and Etsy and the Seven Stages of Cahier Grief

  1. These are all so beautiful. I am going to rush over to ETSY to look now. (like I REALLY need an excuse to go to ETSY)Thanks for the pics.

  2. Moleskines are nice (especially the version with blank folder-stock type of paper), but I agree they are over-rated.Clairefontaine is tops with me- sizes and prices for anyone. I grew up with these in France, and used them through school years and now journaling. Note the 3×4″ size- perfect for boring meetings and public transportation.

  3. ooh, a very late thank you for writing about afiori's journals! I make each one by hand; each one is unique and very durable. I used to write in Moleskines but got bored… I want colour and something unique and it seems others do too!

    ♥ maria-thérèse

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