Note on the Fridge to my Daughter

No Telling

You’ve become an amazing woman. I’m just lucky to be your mama.
The Perfect Grandson, in all his no-pants glory, is going to have a fine life. It will all be due to you.
As for the rest of you out there, go read How Girls learn About Freight Trains and you’ll see what I mean. This should be required reading for Bristol Palin and every other young woman out there staring down life with a baby on her hip.
I love you, sweetie. You’re going to make it and you’re going to shine.

3 thoughts on “Note on the Fridge to my Daughter

  1. Monda!!! Is that clever, adorable gal who started “Generation Y’all” your daughter??? OMG, I LOVE that blog! Shoulda known. Chip off the old blockette. Only blog I know of so far with a Dolly Parton widget, and I love her, too.

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