Back in the Saddle Typecast

Fresh Ribbon

typecast 3-8-09

5 thoughts on “Back in the Saddle Typecast

  1. ***jealous**** of your letterhead!Is your lit journal based on submissions, or is it collected work of students w/out a selection process? Now, why would I be asking that??I just pretended it was standard time this morning, and plan to arrive at everything an hour late. *^%$ you, DST!

  2. I\’ve collected some fun letterheads in the past few months, but the \”lard\” head is my favorite.Our magazine, the Vortex, takes art, poetry, prose, an photography submissions, goes through a judging and editing process, the whole shebang. We\’ve got a staff of 25 students who put out the magazine and they\’re mighty proud of it. Next year, we\’re moving to an online, interactive magazine and using the print edition as a \”best of.\”DST and I aren\’t getting along right now. At ALL.

  3. As someone old enough to have typed her first poem at the age of 8 on an old & beautiful Underwood, I just wanted to say how fun this lovely blog is. I've lived & worked through every modern phase of producing the printed word. I remember using a Merganthaler compositor (what a beast!) and a TWX teletype machine. I've set lead type & wooden type. I've done layout with PressType stick-on lettering, carefully calligraphed mimeo sheets (I still remember that smell!), & actual cutting & pasting with actual scissors & glue. I remember the first Smith Corona electric typewriter in our house, the first IBM Selectric I typed on at work, the first correcting Selectric, which we all thought was the cat's derriere, and the first electronic typewriter I bought for more than my current computer cost me, which \”remembered\” about 2,000 characters and had a one line display window. I ran a word processing department when it was all magnetic card typewriters & piles of cards stacked in a massive laser printer, wired to a computer 4 floors below that occupied an entire floor at Boston University. Then Wang came along, then the PC and the Mac, and the rest is history. Monda, my dear, you must have the strongest fingers in Arkansas to type on a manual as well as you do!! But who can blame you? I still have to remind myself that I don't have to pound the living daylights out of my computer keyboard in order to make it work!Love the new layout, except that it's hard to tell on what date you posted a post. Only the time shows at the bottom. Otherwise, it's yummy. Keep on keepin' on.

  4. Kathi! I\’m so glad you gave me the heads-up on the date formatting – all the swishing around and such, I never even noticed it. Repaired!You have such a typewriting history. Please tell me you have one of the old manual beasts around somewhere. There\’s nothing quite like clacking around on these old things. All writing and no distractions.

  5. I am devastated to say that I don\’t know what happened to that old Underwood. It went up into the attic, and I never saw it again. I loved old things even as a kid, so I was good about making sure I hung onto some of the old stuff we had laying around the house when I was growing up. But that one sadly slipped through my fingers.I love your \”new\” old Underwood, by the way. A real gem.

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