…and DONE!

Fresh Ribbon

November is the cruelest month, baby. Sweet Jesus. I was in the zone today and made it past 50k. I’m a zombie, but a zombie with a novel. Can’t even think about rewrites right now. Can’t think about anything but a little wine and a long sleep.

I can’t remember who exactly made me think I could do this, but thank you.

7 thoughts on “…and DONE!

  1. I never doubted you for a second Monda, academic schedule be damned.Have some wine, then we\’ll talk about girding the literary loins for your twofer in 2009.That sounds vaguely dirty, sorry. Rush of victory and all that. Congratulations!

  2. Thank you! I slept in this morning. Glorious. Although now there\’s this nagging need to write beyond the deadline in the same frantic way. That, I think, is a good thing, but there\’s got to be a way to turn off the momentum – or rechannel it – until after finals over. And look at you, Mister. Talk about momentum. I\’m not worthy.

  3. I just hope I can hang on to *some* of the momentum for a bit. I want to finish this story, and I\’m just about at the end of part one of two. I don\’t think I\’ll do Part Two at the same breakneck (for me) speed, but I\’m hoping to at least hold onto the early morning writing jog for a few more weeks, and aim to finish the second part by February or thereabouts. Then I can set it aside until the end of spring when I usually get all ambitious again, and hopefully start rewriting then.I talk big. Hopefully I\’ll follow through for once!Finishing the 50k always gives me a mingled feeling of relief and a strange sort of emptiness and regret. *sigh* Let\’s do it all over again next year, shall we?

  4. I solved the \”sloth\” moments by grading essays – the main reason I had to slam out 7k on Friday. The NaNo momentum is quite helpful.I know what you mean, Elizabeth. My novel needs to be more than twice the size it is and there are serious gaps/summaries in places that will be a joy to play with later. I\’m putting it all aside for two weeks. When classes are over, the rewrite is my Christmas present.Who am I kidding? I\’ll be rewriting in my head every single day of those two weeks. And yes, we should all do it again next year. It\’s a date.

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