A Bunch of Writers, a Pot of Coffee, and a Box of Donuts walk into a bar . . .

No Telling

The month-long Writing Project Summer Institute is over. I’m still overwhelmed by the stunning teachers who came, who wrote, who conquered. We began as a class and ended as a writing family. Sandra, Becky, Carolyn, Verlyn, Renee’, Janice, Barabara, Nan, Jennifer, Janet, Stephanie, Jane, and Mary have all become my sisters and favorite aunts. Mike, bless your only-man-in-the-room heart, you’re the scribbling brother I never had.
That’s what the NWP Summer Institute does. It wears us out, it makes us dig and find our words. It makes us forever connected as teachers and writers. We’re scribbling kin now.
It also makes us eat food we shouldn’t. Good Lord. I’ve got four weeks until classes begin and it’ll take every last day of that to undo the Sugary-Donut Damage. And then some. I suspect there are only a couple of us – the strong ones – who came out on the other side unscathed.

6 thoughts on “A Bunch of Writers, a Pot of Coffee, and a Box of Donuts walk into a bar . . .

  1. Oh how I loved my Summer Institute. It was the best thing about Summer 07. And you’re right about the food situation–not only did we eat donuts and cream cheese and sausage filled crescent rolls every day, but we also always went out for lunch. Sheesh. Good memories!OH! Btw, the Perfect Grandson is absolutely perfect from the pictures I see on Emily’s blog.

  2. You would’ve loved our Writing Marathon, Tim. Next year you have to come with us. I’d also like to know who make the cream chees and sausage crescent rolls, because they sound delicious. In theory, anyway. I’m on the wagon from here on out.The perfect Grandson is no longer smiling, Tim. He’s suffering from general malaise brought on by new teeth. He is, however, comforted by books and I see that as A Very Good Sign.Oh dear, aedh. I’ll bet I get all manner of scary blog hits from the donut damage tag. It always pays to think before you tag.

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