Hitchhiker Typewriter and My New Rationalization

Fresh Ribbon

Got any spare change? This bad-boy wrote The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and can be yours for the bargain price of $25, 577.95, plus shipping. You also get a first edition of the book, but that’s just thrown in as a bonus, Steampunk says.

If Hitchhiker had been written on a Macbook or an HP laptop, would anyone care? Probably not enough to throw down that kind of cash, even if the screen was autographed in blood.

This somehow makes me feel better about all those typewriter cases under my bed. They’re not flea market junk – they’re unsigned literary artifacts.

4 thoughts on “Hitchhiker Typewriter and My New Rationalization

  1. I met Douglas Adams once, at MacWorld. He was cranky and in a bad mood, which I have been told is totally the opposite of how he usually was. I\’m sure he was understandably jetlagged and fed up with being herded about by his handlers. He signed a bunch of Starship Titanic crapola for me, though, which was nice of him, because it wasn\’t actually the day he was supposed to appear and he didn\’t have to.

  2. I assume this was the typewriter for the original radio series? HHGTTG went through so many incarnations, most of them wonderfully inconsistent with one another. If the era\’s right, then this machine could have also been used for some Dr. Who work.Excuse me, I need to have a geeking-out moment.Hrm… typewriters stored under the bed… why didn\’t I think of that?

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