This isn’t really a political blog…

No Telling

even though it looks like one right now. It just wouldn’t make any sense, though, to overlook the historical significance of what I just watched on CNN.

My grandmother was a toddler when women got the vote. My mother was a senior at Little Rock Central High the year Faubus closed the schools. I was in second grade before schools here became fully integrated. My daughter’s generation saw Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice on the news every evening.

The Perfect Grandson, sleeping in his crib two rooms away right now, doesn’t know that this picture of Barack Obama and his family will someday be in his high school history book. But it will.

3 thoughts on “This isn’t really a political blog…

  1. Isn’t it amazing that we are witnessing the face of American politics shift unalterably even as I type this. Things will never be the same again–at least in the racism/sexism arena of politics–and I’m glad of it.

  2. Whether he follows through on every campaign promise or not, he truly has brought change, not only to the capitol, but to the nation and to many hearts.Here’s to the hearts that are to come.

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