Leaving a Note on Hillary’s Fridge

No Telling

Oh, Hillary. I’m afraid it’s over, gal. I know you’ve got fight left in you and I’m thrilled you’re willing to continue, fist in the air, but as a woman who’s been “in the kitchen” you have to realize now that the party is over and it’s time to clean up. There are dishes in the sink, hon, and they can’t wait until morning.

I’m sorry.

It’s not that there isn’t victory in this, though. My 21 year-old daughter voted in her first primary because of you, and as a semi-antique feminist that gives me comfort.

5 thoughts on “Leaving a Note on Hillary’s Fridge

  1. Oh, Monda, I just can’t even bear the thought of it. I think it’s over, too but I don’t want her to drop out. I will be crying my eyes out when she does, just like when Kerry conceded, and I didn’t even love him like I love Hill. I feel queasy-but that might just be my gallbladder :(.

  2. Monda–it’s so hard to find your blog, you have so many listed! Is this you???Anyway, Jiminy Cricket in Disney paid off for you… come check out Manic Mommy in a bit for details!

  3. If they do, I just might make it through the next four to eight years. Maybe. I did hear this morning they are making nice. I’m nervous girl-like it’s my mama running or something.

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