Redecorating and National Floating Scribble Month (NaFloScribMo)

The grades are in, my hair and nails are freshly done, the storms are on haitus, I scribbled at the coffee shop with my friend Steph, and a delightful colleague gave me a gloriously old typewriter. All is right with the world.

I’ve done a little blog redecorating as well, and the end result is that I’m just a little less HTML-stupid than I was before. I found scads of free XML blog templates out there and have had the best time learning how to tweak them. For those of you using Blogger, there are some great sites out there with lots of layout choices. Bloggerbuster, BlogU, Suckmylolly (it’s not a porn site, I promise), and Blogcrowds. there are literally hundreds more, but these are enough fun for now. None of this is too hard, really. Keep in mind that I’m a gal who’d rather use a manual typewriter than a computer, so this stuff had to be easy. Most of those sites tell you how to do it anyway. It’s best if you create a playing-around blog that’s hidden just to goof off with the templates. Big fun and a fabulous time waster that – unlike Ebay – doesn’t cost a cent.

I have a great deal of writing to do and finally the time I need to do it. This is the time of year they should have NaNoWriMo instead of in November. November is truly the cruelest month, especially for academics and students and such. I’ve decided to have my own Scribble Month, beginning today. Who gives a damn that it’s not May 1st – my Scribble Month, my rules. It’ll be kind of like a Guys and Dolls floating crap-came, only legal. And without Brando, dammit. I’ll change it every year. This year it starts on May 9th, and ends on June 9th at midnight – NaFloScribMo. If you’d like to play along, here are the rules:

1. Write something every day that’s complete. A story, a poem, a chapter, a memory, an anonymous letter, a scene, a rant, an essay, a manifesto – form doesn’t matter. What does matter is that it’s complete. That way there’s an ahhhhhhh sense of accomplishment at the end of the day.

2. Forgive yourself for Shitty First Drafts, because that’s what these will all be. I plan to have a Rewrite Month sometime later, so save your OCD perfectionist tendencies for another time.

That’s it. Just two rules. If you want to join and find yourself at a loss, try my prompt site or hang on until Sunday for the restart of the No Tellin’ Weekly Scribble Challenge, which has not been forgotten – just on a finals-induced break. I’ll come up with a trendy blog badge for anyone who wants to participate in NaFloScribMo, and you can all slap it on your blogs and such.

I have to go scribble now.

UPDATE! NaFloScribMo now has a nifty blog badge. Join in and display this one proudly!

One thought on “Redecorating and National Floating Scribble Month (NaFloScribMo)

  1. Ohhh!! Ohhh!! I wanna play!! Big fun for everyone!!Okay, I’m going to check out the template sites here in a second but I’m waiting until I get home for the Suckmylolly. While I enjoy giving the FEMA police fits, just the name alone might send them screaming over the edge. On second thought, it might be kind of fun…

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