Onionskin Paper and EMTs


Onionskin at The Paper Mill Store

2 thoughts on “Onionskin Paper and EMTs

  1. I\’m glad the Eagle-A is working for you. I particularly like the decorative header you\’ve added. Is that added to the paper itself or after scanning? It softens the GI-grade rigidness of the red ruled paper.I found this weekend that one of the boxes I saved for myself is *blue*-ruled, but otherwise identical to what you\’re using here.

  2. Thanks again for the paper, because it is the BOMB. I added the scroll-y prettiness using my printer, although I save it for special pages only. I\’m girly. These things matter.Blue-ruled! I\’ve seen a few boxes that had numbers down the side, but always in black. I\’ll bet the blue is nice. I can\’t help but feel there\’s an old office supply place out there somewhere in the world with a room full of this paper, just gathering dust.

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