Fresh Ribbon for my Typewriter-Jones

Fresh Ribbon

This is what happens when I get a little spring break time on my hands. I started a new blog, Fresh Ribbon. It’s a full-blown typewriter-obssession site and I’ve had a blast getting it started. There are a lot of Very Serious typewriter collecting sites out there in the electronic void – this isn’t one of them. Too girly. Who cares.

That doesn’t mean I won’t let my typewriter-jones creep in over here, though. I just like to put things in piles sometimes, and the No Telling pile was getting a tad unwieldy. Besides, nothing is more fun than designing a new site and it makes me write. Self-imposed deadlining and such. We all play these little headgames to get the words moving from our heads to something more substantial. This blogging thing seems to work for me.

The writer-poet-English major-thing creeps in over there, too. If for no other reason, you have to visit Fresh Ribbon just to see the smoking-and-typing poetry video I’ve implanted on there. It’s not mine, but it should have been.

Obviously, I’m finding excuses not to prepare for the post-spring-break-week ahead. Enough of that. I’m hyphenating too much anyway.

Go write a “Dear John” letter for the weekly challenge. I’ll need a little entertainment this afternoon when I’m taking breaks.

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