The First Typewriter


I began my collection about two months ago with my first purchase – a 1958 Tower President 12 with cursive type. My daughter instantly named her Agnes Gooch after a character in a 1958 Rosalind Russell film. If you’ve never seen Auntie Mame, you simply must. Immediately.

It took a month for one of my local typewriter shops to get her cleaned up and ready for work. The Ebay seller was a sweet man from Missouri and this typewriter had been his mother’s.

All typewriters have a story – tell yours.



(This typecast is brought to you on Agnes, a 1958 Tower President 12.)

6 thoughts on “The First Typewriter

  1. What a gorgeous script! I\’m really excited about your blog. Maybe you could do a feature on Acme Business machines with pictures (this is the local store in Little Rock, right?) I\’d love to read it.

  2. I\’ve got to pick up an Olympia Socialite I dropped off there the other day, so when I go back I\’ll be armed with a camera (maybe even a Polaroid!) and do a little post to let you see inside the shop. That script. It makes me so happy.

  3. You\’ll have to post pictures of the Socialite as well. I\’ve got one that types well (sitting beside me right now, as a matter of fact) but is pretty rough around the edges. It would be nice to see its potential.

  4. I\’m hoping that when I pick up the socialite from the shop, she\’s a little better looking than when I took her. A little rough when I bought her, but I\’m holding out hope.I\’ll post pictures as soon as pick her up today.

  5. I was going through my grandmother's things after she unfortunatlely passed away. Under some old boxes in her garage, I found a Tower President XII with that same beautiful typrface. I need to take it to a repair shop for a good cleaning.

  6. I'm so sorry about your grandmother. Imagine all the wonderful letters and recipes she typed in that beautiful cursive. I agree – take it down for a cleaning and enjoy it. There aren't many typewriters like it out there.

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