Here goes…


Welcome to Fresh Ribbon. As I scribbled on my other blog it became clear that my addiction to typewriters was fast becoming a focal point. Since I love organizing things into piles, I figured it was time to start a blog about typewriters.

I’m no mechanic, so this won’t be a place to find out how to fix your machine. It will be a place to talk about typewriter love and writing the way it should be done – without electronic editing-as-you-create and spellcheck.

Since I’ve rediscovered the joy of typing on machines, I’ve done a little research. Some of it is invaluable for typewriter ownership and some of it is just fun. Ephemera and lots of it. There are scads of helpful sites that can walk you handy types through the mechanics, and I’ll start listing those things over there on the left. God bless the handy, I say.

If you run into a site that might be helpful for those just beginning to collect/obsess, just let me know and I’ll add it.

With a little luck, maybe scribbling here and there on this blog will keep me off of Ebay and out of the poorhouse.

(Gas-masked typist can be found here.)

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