First Weekly No Tellin’ Scribble Challenge


I’m just full of ideas today. Yesterday I challenged my creative writing students to come up with odd titles to inspire us in class. The titles are trickling in and I decided to post a few of my own. I went completely blank.

That happens sometimes, especially when I’m grading papers. Then I remembered Crazy Texas Mommy ( a blog you simply shouldn’t miss) and her recent unpleasantness with mysterious blog visitors. That made me look at my blog stats and voila – there were my titles.

When folks stumble upon this blog, they generally do so by putting a string of words into a Google search. While they’re usually looking for something other than my blog, sometimes they stop by anyway. My blog stats handily give me a list of terms and strings of words they used to find me. Here are my favorites:
  1. Is Brandy a trashy name?
  2. jello salad recipe for funerals
  3. ACT test poems
  4. pageant hair
  5. fuck southern women
  6. side dishes with turducken
  7. missing pin in a jumperoo
  8. poems telling someone you hate them
  9. If there’s just one piece of advice I could give you
  10. Miss America lipstick pageant
So the challenge is this: write something using one of my searches and post it in today’s comments. It can be anything, really – a poem, a rant, a story, a twisted memory, a bad country song lyric. I’ll even invite rap lyrics because I can’t imagine NOT doing it. Use one as a line or a title. Or don’t and surprise me. You dream it up, post it by next Friday, and I’ll announce a winner on Saturday.

The winner will receive no monetary prize because, well, it’s awfully close to tax time. Instead, the challenge winner will receive a gorgeous blog badge (see above) that tells the entire electronic world what a stunning writer they are. With an award like that on your blog, you’re almost assured instant literary success, an expanding fan-base, and a ticker-tape love life. It could happen.

Enter as many times as you like. Tell all your friends. Take the challenge.

2 thoughts on “First Weekly No Tellin’ Scribble Challenge

  1. We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ ViagraMiss Maine’s firm pageant hairlike a <>Jackass<>bee bikini or a plutonium lattefiltered through control rodsgives Barker a better deep pocket fisherman jailbaitbuzz.

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