Weather Report


It’s sleeting outside this very minute. I’m serious.
Please understand that yesterday afternoon as I cruised into the typewriter shop, it was 75 wind-whipping degrees. It was January 29th and I had to turn on my AC both in the car and at my house. The wind galloped so frantically that power went out all over town and two people out in the county died from wind-related deaths. If the sky hadn’t been so clear we all would have listened for tornado sirens and stood on our front porches. I know that’s not proper Severe Weather Protocol, but that’s how we do it here in Arkansas. A tornado watch means nothing here because we’re always under one. We have to see that bad-boy touch the ground before we take cover.
That was yesterday. This morning it was an icy 26 degrees and now it’s sleeting. No one’s had a chance to run to Kroger for bread and milk, and that’s bad news. While we don’t generally panic during tornadoes, we go full-tilt when it snows or ices. All over town it’s Quick honey! Run to Wal-Mart before we’re snowed in. We get a little frantic because this is the land of 110 degree summers. There’s not a snowplow in the whole state and no one – NO ONE – knows how to drive on snow or ice.
Bread or no bread, I’m done for the night. As long as the plunkety-plunk I hear on the roof is sleet instead of hail, we’re golden. The Weather Channel says it’s supposed to be in the 60’s by the weekend. That figures.

5 thoughts on “Weather Report

  1. The weather is much more consistent in East Tennessee, although the air quality in Knoxville is terrible. Still, it’s interesting to crack out the winter coat for more than 15 minutes at a time. If it’s cold in the morning here, it’ll be cold in the afternoon. And the weather will continue to go that way for at least a few days.

  2. Consistent temperature. I can’t imagine.It snowed fat drifty flakes about an hour ago. We had to hurry Levi out so he could see his first snow and then hurry him back in again when it started sleeting. So much for that.

  3. Cindy took me to IHOP and we watched those big fat flakes fall while I porked down a three cheese pork sausage and mushroom omelete. Right next to my three-stack. Then is stopped. I went to school. No snow day. Remember those when you were at CHS?Mike

  4. We were only tantalized by the dream of a snow day. Ah, those mornings when we rushed to the TV praying Conway Public Schools would scroll across the screen – CLOSED.No such luck this time. That may have been our last snowy hurrah this year.

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