Overheard Conversation #2

Waffle House
(This post has been removed, pending publication)

2 thoughts on “Overheard Conversation #2

  1. do you know of any “i shouldn’t be with this bastard but he sure knows how to touch me in all the right places” poems? i’m working on one that goes slightly in that direction, and i want to see how other poets do it so i can avoid their pitfalls and cash in on their successes.you know, maybe i should just look up some country song lyrics.thanks–

  2. Offhand I’d say start with Loretta Lynn.Then find any woman who’s ever written a poem, and she should have at least twenty or so. I know I have quite a collection.When you finish it, let me read. By the way, Vortex t-shirts are in and we have EXTRAS…

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