Boo, y’all


We didn’t have a single trick-or-treater last night and now all this candy is sitting in a bowl, just staring at me.

I suspect Halloween is out of style ’round these parts. That, or I don’t live on a street that looks candy-worthy. Maybe a little of both.

This was my Perfect Grandson’s first Halloween, but as he’s four months old, sans teeth, and can’t even crawl, the holiday was a little lost on him. My daughter stuffed him into a dinosaur costume and he promptly fell asleep. It’s a good thing he did, because I’d have burned his little retinas to a cinder with the camera flash. I never miss an opportunity.

So where are all the trick-or-treaters? Did all my curmudgeon retiree neighbors run them off? Maybe our local Bible Belt tightened a notch and kept the holiday at bay. Who knows. I’ll fight the urge to throw down a lengthy “in my day we trick-or-treated the hippies” rant. You don’t really care what what costume I wore when I was five, anyway.

Next year the Perfect Grandson should have teeth and land-legs and everything. We’re going to find some hippies and trick-or-treat them, by God.

4 thoughts on “Boo, y’all

  1. Shoot, we should have come by with our twin grim reapers (well, one was a mini-grim reaper).I gotta see a picture of the dino costume. You must have some.We had some kids. Lanette brought her grandson–what an angel with those blonde curls. He was all agog about the candy and duly suspicious of our dancing skeleton with the “scary eyes.” That’ll be Levi next year.SV

  2. pictures, yes. email me some? also, where do you find those fabulous vintage women pictures? they are so (in)appropriately colorful, just like my white trash family.

  3. I’ll download pictures soon and drive everyone crazy.I’ve got some great sites for copyright-free art and photos. I’ll forward those to you, Tim.

  4. Bring Levi to my house next year….we’re the closest thing to hippies left, I think! We’ll do the hippie thing just for him….and for old times for us!

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