This Week’s Epiphanies: Telephones, Presidential Hopefuls, and Big Hair


You know, I don’t have epiphanies as often as I used to. I guess it’s important to write these things down before I disappear into old age and can’t remember my phone number.


Epiphany #1: I won’t have to remember my phone number. Hell, I don’t remember it now because I never really dial it. My cell phone owns my number memories now. Click, click, click and I’m calling. Sometimes, just a couple of click will do.

Epiphany # 1 and a half: I said “dial” and I don’t think I’ve “dialed” a number for a very, very, very long time.

Epiphany #2: The Perfect Grandson might begin his toddler years with either a woman or an African American as President. It’s likely. And none of this will be a big deal to him or to any of his little buddies. All their lives. Imagine that.

Epiphany #3: I’m middle-aged. Hmmm. I guess if I live to be ninety, that’s true. I know this because my mother introduced me to one of her acquaintances as Monda, my middle-aged daughter. In public.

Epiphany #4: I knew big hair would come back. It was just a matter of time.