Letter on the Fridge to Emily

No Telling

How is it possible? Twenty-two years ago right this minute I was screaming at some unsuspecting night-nurse to BRING ME MY BABY NOW. And she did. You were three hours new and a tiny Snow White blinking up at me. I spent the rest of that night memorizing you. It was the finest night of my life, just you and me and the occasional night-nurse making sure I wasn’t post-partum crazy. I wasn’t.
I spent a lot of time that night wondering about the woman you’d become, and here you are that woman. I’m proud of everything you’ve become and I’m thrilled to see what’s next. I’m a spectator and your biggest fan, gal. Always have been, always will be.
I love you high as the sky, deep as the ocean, as long as a mile. YOU are my sunshine.
Happy Birthday, sweetie.