Good God, Woman, Cover Yourself.

No Telling

This woman wanted to be our Vice President. Thankfully, she’s not. Now she’s apparently so in love with media attention that she can’t make a proper wardrobe decision.

I know this photo was taken for a fitness magazine, so don’t even go there. By now she should know better. Would Margaret Thatcher have done anything like this? Hillary? Any woman who wants to be taken seriously in the political arena should keep her thighs to herself.

There are seventy-eleven reasons why this woman should be ignored. To list them all would only invite undue attention and feed the beast. She doesn’t even deserve my negative energy. Besides, the day they pranced her out at the convention as the Random Republican Female Answer to Hillary Clinton almost gave me an aneurysm. I won’t have time for that kind of reaction again until after finals.

I’m not buying her book, I’m not watching her interviews. With any luck, she and the book will be in the remainder pile just in time for Christmas. That’s gift enough for me.