Little Black Dress

No Telling

It’s called Spring Cleaning for a reason, but those of us who teach know the long holiday break is really the best time to pare down and clean out. A little extra time on my hands, the New Year a blink away, my birthday just after, and past that the beginning of another semester – so many beginnings need a fresh decor.

Besides, I just finished a massive online design job for someone else, and it made me want to fiddle with my own small space. So, a little-black-dress blog makeover. It was great fun to make and infinitely cheaper than redoing my living room.

My inspiration was this picture of Coco Chanel. Such a powerfully creative woman who, bless her heart, definitely needed to eat a sandwich now and then. Starvation aside, she’s impeccable. I don’t know a living woman who can sit at that angle without a few biscuits creeping out of the dough, Spanx or no Spanx.

I’ve just begun my New Year’s Resolutions. The first three are “Simplify, simplify, simplify.” I should probably take that to heart and stop worrying about the list.

My celebration tonight will be simple. Em is glamming up in her own little black dress for an evening at the Peabody with her gentleman friend. The Perfect Grandson and I will be home having a “pawty” – we’ll play with cars and watch Robots at least twice. I figure we’ll ring in the new year around 7:30 tonight with a little apple juice. There will be years and years when he’s too cool to spend New Year’s Eve with his MiMi, so I’m taking our “pawties” when I can get them.

I want to wish a happy New Year to everyone. My hope is that all of us are healthy, happy, and writing during 2010.