Say it Ain’t So, Twitter

No Telling

Millions of people clicking feverishly on their Iphones. The panic, the frustration, the rock-bottom realization that they were all disconnected. That’s an exi-twitter-stential moment, folks. Lives hung in the balance as the masses frantically clicked and reclicked.

I learned about the TwitterCaust on CNN this morning. Breaking News! Twitter. Is. Down!

So I sat there with my coffee and tried very hard to hear the collective wailing and gnashing of teeth. I imagined all sorts of world-wide panic and and falling stock prices and declarations of war. Seriously, how long would Twitter be down before we began hearing the thundering hooves of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse? Then I made another cup of coffee.

Look, I’m not a complete geezer. I’ve got a Twitter account and I post to it when I remember. Sometimes I forget, although it doesn’t really matter. My tweets are unremarkable and I don’t post via cell phone because it’s too much trouble. I do realize Twitter’s important to many people. Yadda, yadda.

The thing is, I signed on after the scare was over and found that all anyone wanted to tweet about was…well, that Twitter was down this morning. Twittering about Twitter seems a little pointless. I’m thinking maybe it’s time we all rediscovered our walking-around lives, our priorities, our inner monologues. Something.

(Note: I’m tweeting a link to this. Full circle, darlin’, full circle.)